Cordeel Bulgaria

Cordeel started its operations in Bulgaria fifteen years ago as a shareholder in a local construction company in Sofia. With the expansion of the economy and the increasing business opportunities in Bulgaria, Cordeel established a wholly owned subsidiary. Cordeel Bulgaria Inc. was established in 2006 as a 100% subsidiary of the Cordeel group of companies.

Today Cordeel Bulgaria Inc. has a team of 230 full-time workers and 70 engineers and administrative officers. The annual turnover of the Bulgarian company is approximately EUR 35 million.

Cordeel is active оn the Bulgarian market as general contractor of industrial, logistics, commercial and office buildings, as well as in the construction of refineries. Cordeel Bulgaria Inc. operates with the ‘know-how’ of the group of companies based in Western Europe and applies this knowledge in combination with great insight into the specifics of the local market. This approach helps Cordeel Bulgaria Inc. provide customers with a better product which meets the European standards and good practices and is at the same time in line with the local regulations.

The design and build of industrial buildings and processing enterprises, storage facilities for the food and light industry, for the automobile industry, for storage of hazardous products, waste landfills, commercial and office buildings are a priority for Cordeel Bulgaria Inc. Relying on the considerable experience accumulated in this field over the recent decades in Belgium and the Netherlands, after the accessions of Bulgaria to the European Union, Cordeel Bulgaria Inc. has increased its participation in the Bulgarian market and has become a preferred partner for design and construction of all Bulgarian and foreign investors.

Cordeel Bulgaria works with clear and efficient procedures for quality management, risk assessment and health and safety.

The main goal in the implementation of each project is the timely and high-grade execution. Cordeel Bulgaria operates under regular monitoring by Cordeel Belgium on project progress, quality implementation, and last but not least, compliance with the health and safety procedures. It is important to stress that there has been a positive response to the work of the company not only in Bulgaria, but in Europe as well. This is an additional motivation for the team of Cordeel Bulgaria to further develop and achieve high results on the Bulgarian construction market.





  • Design and Quotation Department
  • Execution Department
  • Quality Control Department
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Department
  • Maintenance Department
  • Financial Department