With the formation of the Maintenance Department Cordeel Bulgaria Inc. aims to provide a complete and integral product to its customers – from the construction of a particular building to its smooth operation and maintenance.

The operation of an effective and productive building infrastructure requires established procedures on the measures for preventive maintenance of a particular building and a procedure for the remedy of defects within the warranty and post-warranty period. The purpose of the department is to ensure a smooth transition between the stages of construction of the building through to its operational maintenance for customer convenience.

The advantages of professional management of the property consist in improving comfort, security and tranquility of living and reducing operating costs. The maintenance of any building comprises a large portion of the operating costs and requires significant resource – financial, temporal and human.

While it is possible for owners to manage certain elements of the building maintenance alone, it appears that they allocate significant resource for side activities that are not typical of their business, as a result of which they lose perspective of the most important goal – the creation of their final product and the generation of profit.

Therefore, we hope that our partners will evaluate all advantages of the separation of maintenance services that we offer with high professionalism and experience. As a good proprietor, we take great care of your property and investments to preserve and multiply them and to reduce the costs for their operation throughout their life, as we have an individual approach to your needs.