One of the main task of Cordeel Bulgaria is to manage and control quality in order to ensure that the product complies with customer requirements and company standards.

Cordeel Bulgaria is committed to the implementation of a quality management system and risk management system, occupational safety and environmental protection.

The Quality Plan is a document that outlines the organization, roles in the construction process, implementation of the quality management procedures according to the specificity of each project and each construction and installation work. An individual Quality Plan is prepared for each project according to the specificity and requirements of the project and the implementation contract. It is then provided to the customer and all participants in the construction process as а part of their contractual commitments. In this way preventive measures are identified to address specific risks before the start of the works on the site, quality selection of сsubcontractor and materials is performed, and management and control of the entire construction process is ensured.

The Quality Management System ensures:

  • the use of proper resources for the project in accordance with the legal requirements and the quality requirements for project implementation;
  • the systematic planning of construction and installation works;
  • controlled and safe performance of quality construction and installation;
  • monitoring of the high quality and safe performance of construction and installation works in order to prevent errors and accidents;
  • adequate response to customer requirements and to the standard accepted by the company for performance of construction and installation works;
  • preliminary identification of risks and errors in the performance of construction and installation works and to prevent occurrence of such in the future;
  • guarantee for the customer that the Quality System operates in accordance with ISO 9001-2008;
  • efficient use of the available material, human and financial resource and capital in accordance with the requirements of customers and all stakeholders and the standard accepted by the company for performance of construction and installation works;
  • monitoring and control of all materials that are used in the construction process to conform to the requirements of customer and to the standard accepted by the company for performance of construction and installation works, both in their selection and in their physical use on the site;
  • monitoring of the implementation and continuous improvement of the accepted methodologies for work;
  • process optimization– adequacy, relevance, quality awareness, safe work and environmental protection, complying with the requirements of all stakeholders;
  • continuous improvement of the offered construction sites by accumulation and application of skills and practical experience and proper quality control by the team of Cordeel Bulgaria Inc.