Client: Cumerio Med, Bulgaria
Site Location: Pirdop, Bulgaria
Description of work: General Contractor
Surface area: 18 500 m²
Start of execution: 2006
End of execution: 2007

Project description:
Production in the company is divided into two circulations which produce the following products: cathode copper, anode scrap and anode slime.
Anode slime is transported in containers for processing abroad. Anode scrap is returned for remelting in the metallurgical industry. The only technological waste from the refinery is the de-coppered electrolyte which is fed to the treatment plant of the factory.
The capacity of the refinery to produce copper cathode is 180,000 tons per year.
The main production building consists of two parts, different in volume – a production hall and a chemical part.
The production hall is double nave with dimensions in plan 148 m / 72 m and a height to the board of the roof of 19 meters. The building has two 36-meter openings. For the servicing of the tanks and the equipment in both naves of the building, two overhead cranes with lifting capacity of 50 tons are fitted. The foundations and columns of the production hall to elevation +5.25 and those of the tanks are reinforced concrete, while at elevation +5.25 up to the roof beams they are steel. The roof beams are full wall steel sections.
The chemical part is located in two-story building measuring 148 m / 16 m, reaching the roof of the production hall. The building is fitted with two bridge cranes. The columns are reinforced concrete and the roof beams are steel. The interstory slab at level +5.25 is monolithic concrete. At elevation +5.25, there are premises for deep de-coppering, electrical premises, a compressor room, a control room, offices and sanitary facilities for the staff.
An extension measuring 36 m / 14 m with a height of 4.6 meters is built to close off part of the technological equipment. It is a steel structure with 30 mm polycarbonate panel walls and roof.
The roofing of the refinery is finished with stainless trapezoidal INOX 316 metal sheet, mineral wool insulation and bitumen waterproofing on it, attached in a special way without fixing screws. The cladding of the building is three-layer fireproof façade panels, also made out of stainless steel.
The glazing of the hall is with polycarbonate panels. The drainage of the roofs of the building is internal with internal funnels and gutters.
The production hall and the chemical part both have rolling doors.

Stitched Panorama
Stitched Panorama
Stitched Panorama