Client: Lukoil Neftochim, Bulgaria
Site Location: Burgas, Bulgaria
General Contractor: Technip It & Sices It
General Subcontractor: Cordeel Bulgaria Inc.
Description of construction works:

  • Substation buildings

  • Control buildings

  • Precast pipe racks

  • Concrete foundations, retaining walls, roads

  • Cooling tower

Start of execution: 2012
End of execution: 2015

Project description:
1. Buildings:
Subject to construction are 2 substations, 2 control rooms and 2 operator rooms, the landings around them, including underground utilities /shafts, water, sanitation and electricity/ and flooring.
The scope of execution includes implementation of complete engineering of the assigned buildings.
The construction is monolithic reinforced concrete, beam skeleton.
- the air conditioning equipment is specially selected for work in aggressive environments due to the proximity of the sea and the presence of hydrogen sulfide from the refinery;
- chemical air filters are planned for the satellite buildings – they are specific facilities for such sites. Their aim is to protect the electric connections, especially in control panels, from the effects of hydrogen sulfide;
- the installations for the satellite buildings come with higher requirements for monitoring of the parameters of air temperature, humidity, and filtration;
- the facilities are fully duplicated in terms of power, so that in case of an accident with a machine, a backup will be automatically available
The following electric Installations are designed and implemented: lighting, power, automation - control of HVAC equipment, fire and gas alarm, structured cabling - a local computer network and telephone system.
These two installations differ from anything else we’ve done in two aspects:
- the use of dipole and quadrupole circuit breakers at the entrances of all electric. boards, which is allowed by our legislation and yet single-pole and three-pole breakers are exclusively used in Bulgaria.
- gas detection of hydrogen gas, hydrogen sulfide and methane.

2. Reinforced steel racks:
The scope of the assignment included the manufacture, delivery and installation of racks made of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, as well as the delivery and mounting of steel brackets and vertical stability links. Production was carried out in the factory. The installation was carried out by a special system with NMB conical connectors, manufactured in Japan. The system is implemented and certified in Bulgaria for the first time specifically for this project.

3.  Construction activities in zone 80:
In zone 80 the scope of work included cuts/fills, monolithic foundations of structures and reservoirs, underground utilities /shafts, water, sanitation and electricity/, as well as flooring according to the plans of Technip & Sices.

4.  Cooling Tower:
The project included the construction of a cooling tower in area 81.
The design was mixed - monolithic foundation and pool, monolithic columns and beams. Prefabricated reinforced steel beams, panels and pre-slabs were additionally installed. At the site of the cooling tower, underground communications /shafts, water, sanitation and electricity/are made, as well as flooring according to the plans of Technip & Sices.