Client: Vectra, Holland/Bulgaria                  
Site Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Description of work: Design and Тurnkey Construction
Surface area: 16 500 m²
Start of execution: 2004
End of execution: 2005

Project description:
The building is designed for logistics and it includes the following areas:
- Loading area with 12 loading platforms, sectional doors and sleeves
- Warehouses with 12,000 pallet spaces for storage of various products
- Packaging and shipment zone for various goods
- Technical rooms – mains distribution board, sprinkler tank, forklift loading area, refrigerating installation area
- Administrative and utility building on 3 levels with changing rooms, canteen and offices
The structure of the warehouse is mixed, made out of prefabricated reinforced concrete columns and steel full-wall beams on the roof.
Over the loading area is located a separate area for grouping and dispatching, which is made out of prefabricated reinforced concrete floor elements.
The administrative building is a solid reinforced concrete construction.
The flooring in the warehouse is jointless concrete, reinforced with steel and polypropylene fibers.
The roof insulation package is a layered installation – high profile LT sheet metal, rock mineral wool and EPDM membrane.
The wall cladding is horizontal polyurethane panels.
The warehouse is air-conditioned through a four-pipe air-conditioning system, allowing a controlled temperature regime in all areas and throughout the whole height of the building.
A high-pressure sprinkler system and a pump room, certified by a European control authority, are implemented.
The electrical installation has a diesel generator for backup power.
Landscaping is divided into two main zones: a loading zone with concrete flooring and a maneuvering zone with a parking lot with asphalt flooring.