Client: Tesy, Bulgaria
Site Location: Shumen, Bulgaria
Description of work: General Contractor
Surface area: 4 328 m²
Start of execution: 2015
End of execution: 2016

Project description:

The site is located within "Household Chemicals Production Area" in the town of Shumen. Within the property there are several production and warehouse buildings, as the new facility is situated in the southern part thereof. It consists of an administrative building, industrial building with a warehouse appertaining thereto and indoor connections to the existing buildings and transport corridor.


Developed built-up area of the administrative building: - 1698 m2, developed built-up area of the production and administrative building, including indoor connections and transport corridor - 2630 m2)

The administrative building has three floors and occupies the center of the new site. It is accessible from the north through the official entrance along a pedestrian alleyway. From the west, a second service entrance for workers in production is planned.

On the first level there is a lobby with exhibition space, meeting and training rooms, as well as various office premises and bathrooms. A canteen is planned for the employees.

On the second and third level of the administrative building there are offices, meeting rooms, service, office, technical and sanitary facilities.

The vertical communication between the levels is carried out via elevator as well as two- shoulder staircases, within an individual stairway.

The production facility is located on a joint with the administrative building. The production building has one floor, one-entrance hall with a cross-section of 24 m, length of 72 m and a clear height of 8 meters to the roof trusses. In it further processing of a part of the elements for electric heaters and their final assembly is carried out.

The warehouse facility is a one-storey hall with one entrance, having a cross-section of 24 m, length of 24 m and a clear height to the roof trusses of 8 meters. It is planned to build to the warehouse 6 loading and unloading ramps for dispatching the finished products briefly stored therein. The storage is effected on the flooring level in two rows of pallets at height.

The administrative building is constructed with monolithic reinforced concrete bearing skeleton - reinforced concrete beamless slabs and vertical columns and washers. In front of the non-bearing facade brick walls a ventilable facade is completed with insulation of 15 cm mineral wool and finishing slabs of fiber cement.

Partition walls are built based on a system of drywall construction and with interior glass walls with double glazing. Suspended raster ceilings are planned in combination with smooth plasterboard ceilings. Suspended ceilings in bathrooms are waterproof and acoustic in the other premises. In loggias suspended ceilings are metal-made. Over the slab on the first level 12 cm XPS is set under screed flooring and granite. The second and third level are almost entirely completed with double floor having a height of 12 cm to the top part of the flooring. The roof of the building is flat with vapor barrier, 12 cm XPS thermal insulation, polyethylene film coating, tilt screed, two layers of bitumen waterproofing. Drainage is of internal gravity type with heated roof drains. The glazing of the building is completed with glass and aluminum systems with thermal break. The northern suspended facade is completed with structural system "Schuco FW 50+ SG" and outward opening valves without additional external frames. On the west facade aluminum system "Schuco AWS 70 HI" with double glazing and thermal break is set. The windows to the level of the suspended ceilingare completed with glazing, and above it to the level of the slab, instead of the glazing, thermal panels are installed. On the west facade in front of the window system automated external metallic blinds are fit. In front of the bruestung (railing) areas at the intermediate levels and external blinds a horizontal strip of aluminum composite material is shaped. The latter is used for stitching the sunshade roof above the service entrance. Heating and cooling in the office part is provided by cassettes installed in the suspended ceilings. On the roof there is a boiler room, providing hot water to all consumers.

The production building is constructed with steel bearing structure - metal columns, mounted on a height 60 cm on concrete sub-column bases. At every 6 meters on the metal columns a metal truss is placed, which bears the profiled roofing sheets. Above there are: - vapor insulation foil, 20 cm of mineral wool insulation and flexible PVC membrane for waterproofing. The roof is sloped with a 3% gradient. Vacuum drainage system. Along the roof ridge light strips are set in which small smoke hatches are installed. Same are used for natural ventilation as well.

Facades are completed with 10 cm thick thermal panels filled with mineral wool, which step on the plinth up to the level of 0.60 meters covered with 10 cm XPS insulation and plaster mosaic. In order to gain access to additional natural light, windows are set at the top part of the facade walls.

The warehouse area is constructed with mixed type of support structure - prefabricated reinforced concrete columns on which metal trusses are mounted. In turn, they support the profiled roofing sheets. Above, there are: vapor insulation foil, 20 cm thermal insulation with inorganic wool and supple PVC membrane for waterproofing. The roof is sloped with a 3% gradient. Vacuum drainage system. In order to gain access to additional natural light, windows are set at the top part of the facade wall. In the northern facade there are six loading ramps.