Client: Standart Profil, Bulgaria
Site Location: Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Description of work: General Contractor
Surface area: 5 200 m²
Start of execution: 2014
End of execution: 2015

Project description:

The spatial solution for the plant constitutes one volume – manufacturing building with office and control rooms.

The manufacturing building constitutes one space, one story hall consisting of three main sectors – manufacturing plant, warehouse area and workshop with total built-up area of 5 000 sq.m. Along two of its facades the building neighbors an existing plant, while there is a covered pass between both buildings at several spots. The plant manufactures rubber seals for the automobile industry used by world known car producers. The warehouse area is organized as rack warehouse. On a second level within the hall’s space are located a control room and offices. Reinforced concrete prefabricated construction. The roof is performed using the method „layered installation“. Wall cladding is made with sandwich panels with mineral wool. The floor is made as joint dispersive reinforced concrete flooring.

The construction of the offices and the control room shall be solid, of reinforced concrete with vertical bearing elements - columns.

Heating and ventilation shall be performed with gas heaters installed on the roof of the building.
The supply with electricity of the manufacturing site shall be done through powertrack systems located along the entire length of the building.
An access road for trucks is constructed in front of the building.