Client: Artek 92, Bualgaria
Site Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Description of work: General Contractor
Surface area: 4 500 m²
Start of execution: 2014
End of execution: 2015

Project description:

The spatial solution for the project constitutes a complex consisting of three separate spaces – administrative, manufacturing and utility section separated by technological joint between them.
Warehouse building is a space with spatial second level where the sewing workshop is developed. The warehouse is envisaged for organization of palletized cargoes in racks. The two-story section on the first level includes the area for loading and unloading activities, packaging and unpacking. In this section is located the connection to the administrative building, the cargo lift, the utility building. There is an option for natural illumination through surfaces in the roof area covered with polycarbonate panels. The illumination that ensures the work of staff and forklift in the working corridors will be placed between the envisaged openings for rooflights and smoke extraction domes.

In the two-storey part of the first level is the area for loading and unloading, packing and unpacking. This part is the relationship with the administrative building freight elevator buildings. There is an opportunity for natural lighting through spaces in the roof area covered with. Between the holes for overhead lighting and smoke hatches have lighting ensuring the work of people in work and electric corridors.

The high rack warehouse is surrounded by wall panels with polyurethane foam and mineral wool.
The structure is composed of precast prestressed elements.
The floor is performed as joint flooring reinforced with metal fibers and protective coating of colorless primer.

The sewing workshop is located on the second level, accessible from both buildings / administration and utility premises/. Besides the side illumination, illuminating and smoke extraction domes /openable/ are envisaged on the roof. Sewing workshop and warehouse thereto are separated from the general space of the high rack warehouse through a brandmauer- 15 cm plasterboard wall with mineral wool and two-sided casing with the fire protected cardboard. Within the sewing workshop are separated premises for technologists, and right next to it is located a portal for materials supplied from the high rack warehouse through electric forklifts. The construction of the warehouse is of reinforced concrete columns and bearing beams, prestressed flooring panels of reinforced concrete for the sewing workshop and fencing panels of polyurethane. Strengthening constructions for the fencing panels, the handing ceiling of the sewing workshop and the roof construction have also been envisaged. The floor is covered with polyurethane paint.

The roof is flat with two-sided slant of the roof beams in each axis along the warehouse. Drainage is internal with funnels and gutters passing through the columns.
The administrative block is a two-story building located beside the north-west façade of the warehouse. It is accessible from the inner road for transport and pedestrians, from a footpath parallel to the inner road, along which wheelchairs and disadvantaged people may access the entrance of the shop and the entrance of the administrative building.
The construction is solid, with inner partition walls from plasterboard and glass. The roof is flat with appropriate heating and waterproof package. Facades are a mix of ETALBOND ventilation facade, stone lining and hanging glass façade.
Drainage is internal with funnels and gutters. The roof is equipped with Heating and Ventilation facilities / air-conditioning racks/.
There is a loading and unloading ramp for buses after the staircase box of the administration.