Partners for the Future

As a key principle, ‘Partners for the Future’ is deeply embedded in our business culture. Our commitment to forging lasting relationships applies to clients as much as it does to subcontractors, suppliers and employees. We promote certain values, including health, safety and quality, and our value-based approach is reflected in everything we do. Alongside our integrity as individuals and as a company, its why people are more than happy to develop ongoing partnerships with us.


On each project, safety always comes first. Our site management is trained to ensure that everyone can execute their work in the safest way possible and return to their families at the end of the day. Cordeel’s health and safety department is constantly developing new procedures and carries out a site inspection for each project at least once a month. 


Our independent quality department ensures that quality on each construction site is closely monitored. At the start of each project, a quality plan is created and agreed with the project team, which includes all relevant parties: client, architect, our staff, subcontractors and other specialists. The quality manager then makes sure the team works accordingly, while constantly looking out for possible improvements.

Our certificates


To design and construct a sustainable building, a strong partnership is necessary between client, contractor and designers. All projects present their own unique challenges and we excel in creating solutions. We have our own internal BREEAM experts and are proud that several of our buildings have been awarded a BREEAM three- or four-star rating. This includes the logistics centre in Kabile (BREEAM Excellent), as well as the Bulgaria Mall and Infinity Tower in Sofia (BREEAM Very Good) and the office building for BSR (BREEAM Very Good).

Curious about the benefits our working method provides?
Vladimir Andreev and Ivo Tringov would be delighted to offer you their advice and insights.