Design & Build! Production building for flexible packaging.

Production building for printing, lamination and assembly of flexible packaging

The new Production Building of "ATE PLAST" OOD in Stara Zagora is an example of "Design & Build" successfully applied by "CORDEEL BULGARIA" EAD, the approach covers complex design and construction and includes first of all the responsibility of the builder within the full cycle of realization of the project. On a built-up area of 6623 sq.m. a technological process for printing flexible packaging, a warehouse for raw materials, a warehouse for inks, a warehouse for finished products and an administrative part is carried out.

Project properties

Project name
Production building for printing, lamination and assembly of flexible packaging
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Ate Plast OOD
Production, Warehousing and offices
6850.00 m²
Type of contract
DB (Design & Build)
01.2022 - 10.2022

A building ahead of its time.

The silhouette of the building is fully subordinated to the function with large-scale forms and clean architectural elements, as in volume-spatial terms it is composed of two separate volumes - Warehouse and Production with a height of 8.65m, and an attached lower volume with a height of 5.8m, in where administrative premises, technical and auxiliary premises are located. The building integrates modern technologies for a sustainable and environmentally friendly systems, utilization of rainwater for the needs of the irrigation system. There are parking spaces for charging electric cars, and the construction of a photovoltaic system is planned on the roof of the building. Modern and energy-efficient installations have been designed and built for the operation of a modern high-tech production building. A key aspect is energy-efficient air conditioning systems integrated in the Production, which in winter mode utilizes a large part of the hot air discharged from technological equipment, and in summer mode the heat exchanger works in a bypass and the hot air is discharged directly over the roof of the building.

Very short timelines despite the military conflict in Eastern Europe and material shortages.

Collaboration between the team of "CORDEEL BULGARIA" EAD and the management and employees of "ATE PLAST" OOD throughout the entire design and construction process led to the successful execution of the new production base. The well-structured work on the site, providing the process with qualified human resources and mechanization, regular control of the construction process, ensured together with the Investor and the General Contractor led to on time execution of the project in the extraordinary circumstances in 2022. The building expansion area foreseen in the project is an opportunity for another future successful project of "Design & Build" with the participation of CORDEEL BULGARIA and ATE PLAST.