Carbon reinforced concrete

New 11-storey office building for BSR

BSR Sofia One is an office park in the eastern part of Sofia city centre. Building 2 (17,240 m²) reaches a height of approximately 50 m. With a ground floor and 11 office floors above (plus technical area on the roof), the building offers highly flexible column-free workspace.

Project properties

Project name
New 11-storey office building for BSR
BSR Sofia AD
17240.00 m²
Type of contract
Traditional, General contractor
BREEAM Very Good

Carbon reinforcement of columns and slabs  

The structure has a central vertical core which incorporates two staircases and five fast passenger lifts. It sits on an existing concrete slab above two underground parking levels. The project was initially designed with 10 floors. However, it had to be redesigned due to the client’s request for an additional floor. The load of the additional floor required the slab and the columns in the underground levels to be strengthened with carbon reinforcement. This involved using carbon fibre plates and special epoxy repair mortar.

Modern industrial design of the 11th floor 

Aside from the construction of the core of the building, a major aspect of the project involved the completion of the office space on the top floor to the highest specifications. The ceiling was executed with visible installations and met all necessary requirements to achieve perfect orthogonality. In addition, the glass walls of the meeting rooms were custom made, while the regular walls, comprising decorative bricks and lighting fixtures, were delivered from Japan.