Cordeel's new prefab production building

New production building for Cordeel

To further grow our business in Bulgaria, we built our own facility for the production of prefab concrete elements in order to serve our clients with more flexibility and proper control on the high-quality standards that we- and our clients want to achieve.

Project properties

Project name
New production building for Cordeel
Sofia, Bulgaria
Cordeel Bulgaria
Logistics & Production
1950.00 m²
Type of contract
Design & Build
2014 - 2015

Group standards

The production building was designed and executed in the same style and colour as we keep in the Cordeel Group for such buildings. This first 2,5 meters are executed with prefab concrete sandwich panels and from there on to the roof executed with normal sandwich panels. There are no additional columns inside the building in order to have maximum flexibility.


Heavy internal crane

For even more flexibility inside and to lift heavy elements after their production, a heavy internal crane of 30 tons is executed through the entire building. The building is now ready for receiving its first production lines.