First project as own development

New logistic building for BuCor

As an own development, we have served our client Univeg who signed a lease agreement with us for 10 years to rent the building for their business in food distribution. This is our first project executed fully as an own development.

Project properties

Project name
New logistic building for BuCor
Elin Pelin, Bulgaria
Investor: BuCor and tenant: Univeg Bulgaria
Logistics & Production, Development
9100.00 m²
Type of contract
2009 - 2010

Temperature controlled sections

The warehouse and logistic zone are about 8,000 m2, divided into zones with different temperature settings, depending on the type of stored products - 3,000 m2 are dedicated to dairy, 1500 m2 are for vegetables and fruits. This area also has different temperature settings, one for the more sensitive products, the other for the more durable products and a third one for shipment. There is also a zone with no temperature control where durable packaged foods are stored and another 1300 m2 for frozen food at a temperature of -24 degrees. The warehouses are served by 25 loading platforms


Possibility for extension

The warehouse is foreseen for a future possibility to extend to even greater volumes. For this purpose, we bought the plot next to the building with an area of approximately 33.000 m2 with now changed designation, where all the external connections are arranged and a building permit is available.